Monday, August 27, 2007

`Sanctified' Jools

`Sanctified' Jools

This `sanctified" Jools was bankrupted 3 times over the last 12 years. He almost bankrupted the NSW TDA last time. He took money from the NSW TDA fund without proper approval and failed to explain these expenditures.

Because of this disgusting individual and a couple of his `cult followers' the NSW TDA lost a lot of valuable times and membership. Do we have to loose many of our valuable time and efforts for his personal lust and greed?

I say, NO.

--- In, "joolstaxi99" wrote:
To all fellow taxi drivers and members of Taxi Drivers Associations

At a time when we are faced with massive upheaval in our Industry, with more and more WATS coming on the road from both Lime and CCN/Premier , [and an average of less than one wheelchair job a day], with more Hire Cars and 1300 Limos, with a fare increase that will go mainly to Networks and Plate Owners, with nothing for Operators and 35 cents a fare to Drivers, with inaction on Safety issues, and with new Regulations that are anti-driver, with all of that, I am amazed at the continuing bullshit from Ted Hirsch, the never ending and vile hatred of Faruque Ahmed, and the venomousness of Peer Lindholt.

How about a bit of unity to progress the taxi industry ….

The totally dysfunctional NSW TDA calls its already overdue AGM on Fathers Day, no doubt to minimize attendance and justify a non-member meeting later on. It's trying desperately to chuck out Michael Jools and David Bradley. Or maybe someone behind the Mad Hatter's Tea Party is making sure we stay disorganized and disunited. "Cabbie Magazine" looks like it has been put down by the successful action in defamation from Peter Hyer of Premier / CCN. Whatever ….

How about a bit of unity to progress the taxi industry ….

I am about to make a Statement of Claim in the Supreme Court so that the NSWTDA conducts a fair and open General Meeting. The draft document is attached. But that is a crazy way to have to go about restoring common sense to the industry, and I do not want to go that way, unless there is no option.

How about a bit of unity to progress the taxi industry ….

The one thing I am not going to do is to stop working for taxi drivers. Who out there is also willing to inject a bit of honest and "fairdinkum" participation into improving life for cabbies ?
Who will join the fight under the banner of the Taxi Driver's Association.

Or are we all going to rely on Half-way Howie and the Taxi Council to look after us ?

Michael Jools Monday, August 20, 2007

Source: House of Aussie White Supremacist Cowards

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