Monday, August 27, 2007

`Sanctified Cult Leader'

`Sanctified Cult Leader'

The NSW TDA Executive Committee has unanimously rejected Michael Jools's illegal, immoral, unethical and squarely false claims yesterday. The Committee also rejected all of those false complaints against Faruque Ahmed and therefore the Yahoo, Google or any other organisation must note and instantly reject Michael Joolse's frivolous and vexatious complaints. It appears the graduate of House of Australian Vagabond Dictators" Jools did not like Adolph Hitler to Ross Nelson! However, Jools or anyone is welcome to defend or refute any untrue claims/allegations made against him or anyone for that mater in any of these webs, blogs or newsgroups.

--- In, "joolstaxi99" wrote:Hirsch refuses Mediation Offer by Community Justice Centre

In 2005, in yet another heated Committee Meeting the proposal by Neil Ronald to have an intervention mediation through the Department of Fair Trading and Community Justice Centre, was agreed. Yet on that occasion Ted Hirsch refused to participate.

In 2007, despite two letters from the Community Justice Centre to Ted Hirsch as Secretary of the NSW TDA, he has again refused. This time he has left the letters unanswered – has he even told the rest of the Committee ?

The comment by Judge Windeyer on the Eastlakes Golf Club Case are quite unambiguous. So are comments from Kingsley Lui.

Just what does the "open and transparent" Secretary want ? Is he supported by the Committee ?

Cheer v Eastlakes Golf Club Limited/Kerr v Eastlakes Golf Club Limited (unreported, Supreme Court of New South Wales, Equity Division, Windeyer J, 20 December 2002). The comments of Windeyer J on the question of the court's suitability to decide the matter are poignant:'As I stated a number of times during the hearing, this has been a most unfortunate matter which would have been much better determined by mediation from the point of view of all parties …'.

I am personally committed, as much as I am to getting ` a fair share of a fair fare' for taxi drivers to having my version of the facts presented to and heard and judged by the full membership of the TDA.

I will fight Hirsch's kangaroo court, but would prefer the correct mediation process.

Michael JoolsTuesday, August 21, 2007

Posting to TDA Forum, where I am moderated and to OZCABS where I am free to post a reasonable comment …

Source: House of Aussie White Supremacist Cowards
Source: Sydney Taxi corruption

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