Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Australian Culture

The other day in the very early hours of the morning a community activist was working away at a net shop computer. During that time his mobile phone rang and he was explaining Australian culture to someone. He said, “Australian culture is based on cock sucking, some of us also like it in the arse, even when it bleeds”. He was interrupted by a female voice, “excuse me I find these comments offensive”.

Community Activist: Beg your pardon, why are you listening to my private conversation? By the way, are you telling me that you have not sucked a cock in your life?

Female Person: But I don’t take it thorough my ass.

CA: Some people do.

At that point in time a couple of more people join in the discussion by saying, “why don’t you like this country and why are you so rude”?

CA: Nothing wrong with this country and in fact some leaders and media outlets have got it wrong. I am not rude. I am telling the truth and I am not obliged to make any explanation. However, I won’t disappoint you.

He continued.

CA: Do you like racism, sexism, xenophobia and other forms of discrimination?

FP: No.

CA: Well we believe the same thing and it appears we can be friends. You see in the year 2001 they had a World Conference Against Racism, Xenophobia and Discrimination at Durban, South Africa. The decision and agenda of that conference was sound and pragmatic. All of the countries of the world have participated in that conference in good faith. Only Israel and the Zionist slave the USA walked out of that conference without providing a valid reason. In two weeks time the same conference will be held in Geneva, Switzerland. This time too, ‘lovely’ Israel and ‘good old’ USA said they won’t be going there! Little Kevin said earlier, we are considering our position regarding this matter. In the meantime we have not had any debate or discussion anywhere including radio, television or newspaper. Yet, Kevin Rudd made a secret decision to boycott that well meaning conference! Are you telling me that Australia officially supports racism, xenophobia and other forms of discrimination including sexism? You see, we are sucking Israeli’s cock and taking it up the arse. It is disgusting. Would you believe this is not the first and last time we have done it! Before this latest situation we have had Gallipoli, WW2, Korea, Vietnam, Malaya, Afghanistan, Iraq, ….. We don’t want to stop or learn a lesson from them do we?

Always kowtowing, sycophantic and submissive at great cost to the Australian people. The people involved in this conversation above are well meaning average people of Australia, they are slightly na├»ve, and they’re standard response is to say,” F… that mate…we’re going for a beer…have a nice day.”

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

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